Current routes in Beaverton, Oregon

Welcome, dear wanderers, to the fantastic world of Beaverton, Oregon! A place where your dreams of commuting and road tripping come alive. Are you ready to navigate the highways, byways, and secret pathways of this glorious city? Excellent, buckle up and let's go!

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Ah, Beaverton, the crown jewel of the Portland metropolitan area. Nestled between Portland and Hillsboro, this quaint city is the perfect destination for anyone seeking serenity, solace, and a smorgasbord of transportation options.

When embarking on your journey to or from Beaverton, Highway 26 (aka the Sunset Highway) is your trusty steed. This tireless thoroughfare connects our beloved Beaverton to the bustling metropolis of Portland to the east and the high-tech hub of Hillsboro to the west. So, whether you're an urbanite or a suburban dweller, Highway 26 has got your back!

But wait, there's more! Let us introduce you to the dynamic duo of Beaverton's roadways, Highways 217 and 10. These two asphalt warriors team up to provide you with an unbeatable north-south connection. Highway 217, also known as the Beaverton-Tigard Highway, links you to the charming towns of Tigard and Lake Oswego in the south. Meanwhile, Highway 10 (the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway) will be your best friend when trying to reach Raleigh Hills and other delightful communities nearby.

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Are you a fan of the open road? Then you'll love the enigmatic backroads of Beaverton, which meander through picturesque countryside and occasionally stumble upon hidden gems. One such gem is Scholls Ferry Road, a winding wonder that takes you through the heart of wine country, connecting Beaverton to Sherwood and Newberg.

Now, for those who appreciate a little mystery in their life, we present to you the covert connection between Beaverton and Aloha: Tualatin Valley Highway. This unassuming byway sneaks you across the city's boundaries, delivering you to the doorstep of Aloha in a swift and stealthy manner.

Have you ever wished for a magic carpet to whisk you away to the land of McMinnville? Well, friends, Highway 99W may not be a flying rug, but it's the next best thing! This magnificent motorway stretches from Beaverton all the way to Monmouth, passing through charming towns like Dundee and Amity along the way.

But what if your heart yearns for the city that's home to the world's smallest park? Fear not, dear traveler, for the mighty Interstate 5 is here to save the day! Though it doesn't pass directly through Beaverton, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away, ready to transport you to Portland, Oregon's vibrant heart.

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To all you eager explorers, are you ready to conquer the great expanse of Beaverton and beyond? You can't go wrong with these fine routes! From the bustling highways to the secretive byways, your adventures in and around Beaverton, Oregon, will be nothing short of legendary. Now, go forth and let your GPS be your guide as you traverse the highways, roads, and cities that await you on your epic journey!